Original Compositions | Professional Audio Production

 Utilising sound (or silence) correctly, is usually the first port of call to permeate
an emotion through the viewers senses. 
Captivating scores for a director's new short film
Evolving soundscapes for a choreographer to express their latest work
The latest beat to evoke words from a lyricist and get crowds head nodding

The aim is the same, capture the emotion in sound to allow you to show off your skills

The Music You Need | Options Available for all Projects

dBWcreates bespoke music to facilitate your creative ambitions. 

With flexible options from made-to-order music compositions
to licensing or exclusive rights to dBW's own productions.

Get in touch and let's discuss how we can get you where you need to be.
Let's Get Your Music Ready for Release
Capturing the sounds is only half (or a third) of the battle.

To get your music to sound on par with anything you would hear professionally released, it needs to be mixed and mastered.

Each stage is an important process in realising the true potential of your music.

Send me the DAW file (if you're inexperienced/unsure) or we can walk through the process of obtaining the stems at a volume that isn't too loud or quiet, providing us the space for the greatest dynamic range in your music.

We then take the raw recorded stems, applying a number of effects and techniques to allow each element it's own space and place in the aural field. With no competing elements, we'll get your music sounding as it was supposed to be when you heard it in your mind's ear.


The final gloss.

Once the stems have been mixed down we can get to work making the individual songs on your release into more of a cohesive journey.

Your listeners don't want to be changing the volume every time the track changes. This process lifts each individual track to be the best it can be while creating a coherent sound over a multi-track project.

With packages available for single songs, multi-track E.P.'s or full albums.

Get in touch and let's get your music ready for your fans.

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