dBWcreates aka Doc BlackdaWho
Starting out as a music producer, I was fortunate to meet and collaborate with some amazing people I now consider family and support a number of top UK/US artists such as Akala and Saul Williams in and around South Wales.

There was little to no help for an artist so I started to learn how to mix and master
for the myself and growing list of local artists I had come to know and love.

Looking for connections and potential career avenues I composed original music for contemporary dancers and then film, winning an award for my first one, and getting a few credits both online and via the BBC.

As a result of those connections and experiences I was fortunate
to work on a number of professional film/tv sets for programs by the likes of BBC and SKY.
I felt far more fulfilled helping actual people move forward in some small way,
than earning a living contributing to more stuff I wouldn't be interested in watching.

Circumstance (or synchronicity) played its part in putting a camera in my hands and I have been attempting to master these various disciplines ever since.
Each one feeds, hones and nurtures the other.
They are very much separate endeavours that need careful planning and expertise,
learning each only felt natural to be better at the next.

Growing up where I am from, you become accustom to seeing people do more, with less.
I took this approach with my creative pursuits.
Finding out how the pro's do things.
Emulating then honing those techniques with whatever equipment I could get my hands on at the time.
Then adding my own creative spin where possible in my attempt
to "create something that matters for people who care".

Now I am in a place where I can offer creative solutions for the best path forward in your endeavours.
We start where you wish to end up and reverse engineer the process,
utilising whatever resources are available to us, to get to where we want you to go.